By Andrew Londyn, How to find Happiness in the age of Hookup Apps

Gay guys have complained and groaned for far too long about dating applications like Grindr, which can make us extremely choosy and cynical. Author Andrew Londyn offers commentary on how the apps have altered our community and offers suggestions for how to use them more effectively in this book. He does n’t place the blame on the applications themselves.

Do n’t be afraid to report suspicious profiles and block them, one of his advice. And until deciding whether to send a message, always take the time to read the entire bio. Additionally, you are not required to send nudes if you do n’t want to. Finally, keep in mind that all on Grindr is just a mortal be trying to fill some sort of need if you’re fortunate enough to satisfy them in people.

By tapping the” Spammer” button, the app also enables you to record marketers and scammers. After that, you can choose the basis for your objection and send it to the moderation squad at Grindr. Additionally, you may file a report statement for violating the terms of service or different rules.

You can also decide to include any supporting details you may have for the scenario when reporting a customer. Pictures and backlinks to papers and another publications are examples of this. In this way, Grindr you examine the situation more closely and assess whether the user broke the terms of service or other rules. As a result, they are able to enhance the company and safeguard the safety and security of their customers.