Lucy hotel was the embodiment of the vision of Ioannis Sarantis. After he acquired and expanded Makryammos Bungalows in Thassos island, he envisioned the creation of Lucy in Kavala, named after his daughter. The hotel was constructed by Mr. Sarantis and his son in law, Giorgos Mitzalis, a civil engineer, on the designs of architect Dimitris Athanasiadis. Lucy opened on April 1st1976, an avant-garde and modern building which added unprecedented impetus to the city’s tourism scene.

Some time after that in the 1990s the turbulent years of the war in Yugoslavia were felt both in the city of Kavala and in the hotel. Yet, continuing to move forwards Lucy survived and thrived. Starting in 2007 Lucy underwent a complete renovation which upgraded it to a five-star hotel. The goal was, and still is, to offer the ease and luxury of a modern five-star hotel, while at the same time retaining its classical character.