I arose very early, and also at 5:30 an effective

I arose very early, and also at 5:30 an effective

The fresh new vocal, which had been partially done by nonmembers, is a good

Monday, July nine. meters. Elder Matthew Noall, wife and child, a local aunt (Keluapalana), and you can me personally kept Los angeles‘internet explorer for Honolulu, where i come to 2:00 p.yards. Three instances after, Aunt Noall and you may child, the indigenous cousin, and you will myself boarded this new steamer Mikahala and you can sailed towards isle regarding Kaua‘i at 5:30 p.yards. This is exactly a motorboat of the Inter-Ocean Steam Routing Organization. I attempted to get reduced rates on to the floor of being an excellent minister of one’s gospel; however, zero “Mormon” you would like apply for likes out-of you to team with the expectation away from acquiring all of them.


There was a tiny department of the Church at Kealia, and a few of the New orleans saints were hurriedly titled plus which i stored an event within their absolutely nothing meetinghouse

Wednesday, July 10. Immediately after an enjoyable trip out of eleven era, we started to Nawiliwili, for the eastern coast off Kaua‘we (98 kilometers of Honolulu) within cuatro:00 a good.yards. in the morning. Immediately following obtaining i fulfilled Senior John R. Jolley of Franklin, Idaho, and you may Charles L. Rooks of Sodium Lake City, Utah, that laboring due to the fact missionaries for the isle out-of Kaua‘i the current identity. It produced one or two a lot more horses and you may a good cart in regards to our play with, and then we were in the near future toward all of our method travelling in the good northerly guidance. Once passage from the towns off Lihue, Kapaia, Hanama‘ulu, and you may Kapa‘a beneficial, i arrived at Kealia (regarding 11 kilometers from Nawiliwili), in which we were welcome at home regarding Older James W. Continue reading “I arose very early, and also at 5:30 an effective”

But supposed to be according to the Bannatyne MS song try “Hi, Jenny go lower to help you Sportsman”, Herd II, p

But supposed to be according to the Bannatyne MS song try “Hi, Jenny go lower to help you Sportsman”, Herd II, p

Robyens Iok reach wow our Iynny On the the feist time quhen we wer fow Scho brankit timely and you may housemaid hir bony And you may said Iok started ye for to help you impress Scho birneist their unique baith breist & brow and you can housemaid hir cleir due to the fact ony clok Than simply spak hir deme and said I trow Ye started to impress our Iynny Iok

Iok told you forsuth We yern complete fane So you’re able to luk my personal heid and you may stand doun by the yow Than simply spak hir modir and you will told you agane My personal bairne hes tocher gud annwch to help you ge yow Te he q Iynny keik keik I se yow Muder yone man makis yow a mok We schro the fresh lyar complete leis me personally yow I come in order to inspire your Iynny q Iok

My personal berne scho sayis hes out-of hir awin Ane guss ane gryce ane knob ane hen Ane calf ane hog ane futebraid sawin Ane kirn ane pin one ye weill ken Ane pig ane pot ane raip thair ben Ane shell ane flaik ane reill ane rok Dischis and you will dublaris nyne otherwise 10 Started ye so you’re able to inspire our very own Iynny Iok

Ane blanket and ane wecht and Ane schule ane scheit and you can ane lang flail Ane ark ane almry and you will laidillis a couple of Ane whole milk syth wt ane swyne end Ane rowsty quhittill to scheir the newest kail Ane quheill anne mell the fresh beir so you’re able to knok Ane coig and you may caird wantand ane naill Been ye etc

Ane furme an enthusiastic furlet ane pott ane pek Ane tub ane barrow wt ane quheilband Ane turf a keen troch wnd ane meil sek Ane spurtill braid and you can ane elwand Iok tuk Iynny be new hand and you may cryd anr feist and you will slew a cok And you will maid good brydell vice president alland Today haif We gottin the Iynny q Iok

Now deme We haif their bairne mareit Suppoiss ye mak it nevir sa twche We latt yow humor schoss zero miskariet It is actually weill kend We haif annwch Ane crukit gloyd decrease all of our ane huch Ane spaid ane speit ane encourage ane sok Wtoutten oxin We haif a good pluche In order to group to help you gidder Iynny & Iok

Continue reading “But supposed to be according to the Bannatyne MS song try “Hi, Jenny go lower to help you Sportsman”, Herd II, p”