Currents when you look at the Drugstore Training and you may LearningAsma El-Magboub, Ian S

Currents when you look at the Drugstore Training and you may LearningAsma El-Magboub, Ian S

Haworth, Brian T. Sutch, Rebecca M. Romero Objectives To evaluate faculty-led discussion meetings (with about eight students) conducted face-to-face (in-class) or by synchronous, real-time videoconference (online), in a biopharmaceutics course taught in a facilitated problem-based learning (PBL) format. Methods Three methods were used to compare in-class versus online discussion sessions for two semesters. The first method involved three parameters that measured the quality of interactions between faculty (facilitator) and student (Fc–St), participation of students in the discussions (Par), and student–student interactions (St–St). The second method assessed student’s perceptions of the discussions with surveys. The third method mapped the interactions (a sociogram) between faculty (facilitator) and students in a discussion. Results There were significantly lower scores for Par and St–St (P < 0.05)>

Physiological goals and you can pharmacology regarding curcumin

Publication ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca Meters. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin is the major component of brand new red dye regarding turmeric, a keen Indian spruce that is extracted from new rhizome of one’s exotic plant Curcuma longa, hence belongs to imperativ link the Zingiberaceae family unit members. Inside section, i discuss the pharmacological circumstances regarding curcumin and you may explore the newest unit angles of these activities. We after that feedback the brand new shown and you can possible systematic uses regarding curcumin. Curcumin is known typically because a curative agent, however, its system out of step is detail by detail. The new pharmacological negative effects of curcumin appear to be the result of a synergism away from systems of weakened biochemical connections which have several physiological needs inside the interconnected signaling routes. This type of plans are minerals instance cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and you can necessary protein kinases, and you may transcription factors including NF-?B, STAT and you may Nrf2. Modulation of these particles impacts downstream affectors which make the antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant, chemopreventive, anticancer, and antimicrobial points of curcumin. These types of outcomes were checked inside the logical examples away from curcumin having pain and you will inflammatory illness, disease, Alzheimer situation, cardio ailment, and all forms of diabetes. The fresh new examples have tried adjustable doses out of curcuminwith various other frequencies and you will duration, towards the standard achievement that highest amounts from curcumin at the amount of grams have to obtain therapeutic effects. Find out more

Curcumin: Synthesis, Emerging Part for the Problems Administration and Fitness Effects

Guide Section Samples of plant-derived pharmaceuticals having get to be the attention off continuous and you will great lookup and development focus has, at this point, already been a little scarce. Immediately after several years, the past two decades was basically described as a good 100-flex increase in how many medical articles composed a year that are of importance on the usage of curcumin for the biomedicine. Read more

Structure, synthesis and you may physical circumstances out-of curcumin prodrugs

Guide ChapterAsma El-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca M. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin has some prospective pharmacological outcomes and may even have therapeutic applications a number of state says, given that talked about in more detail in the earlier chapter. But not, the potential medical effectiveness regarding curcumin is limited of the their physicochemical qualities off bad liquids solubility and you may imbalance, hence bring about low bioavailability. Prodrugs out of curcumin bring an effective way to update of the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic attributes, that will enable it to be exploitation of the pharmacological aftereffects of curcumin. Within this part, we basic opinion the fresh new physicochemical and you will pharmacokinetics away from curcumin. We after that describe the style of curcumin prodrugs which have improved water solubility and you can improved agents balances that is certainly translated returning to totally free curcumin through to bioactivation during the vivo. We highlight latest triumph in this field, with a focus on the framework, synthesis and you can evaluation out of prodrugs predicated on promoieties along with amino acids, fatty acids, nucleic acids, dicarboxylic acids, and polymeric materials such as for example hyaluronic acidic and you can polyethylene glycol. It chapter gets the reason behind optimization of the physicochemical and you may biopharmaceutical characteristics and the physical situations out of curcumin prodrugs, towards the goal using of those curcumin types in scientific applications. Read more