At Lucy Hotel, we make an effort to support the community in whatever way we can. Every year we host the ‘Table of Love’ a charity dinner for people in need. We also support the local sports teams in Kavala. When we renovated the hotel, furniture such as tables and beds were donated to schools, elderly residences, and churches. Also, spare food from the kitchen is often given to the animal welfare residence. We try to take care of our furry friends by feeding them and taking them to the vet.

In terms of how the hotel operates, we recycle a range of materials such as glass, used oil, batteries, scrap metal and packaging materials like paper, aluminum, tin can and plastic. Electric vehicle chargers are available as well. We also use the ISO Energy system and we make an effort to use water as efficiently as possible.

These are some of the ways we have thought we can be helpful to the environment and the community and we will to do our best to carry them on.