Pool Beach

Пляж и бассейн

Благодаря тому, что отель Lucy практически полностью окруженный морем, это открывает для посетителей доступ на три пляжа, каждый из которых отличается собственным характером. Кроме того, отель может похвастаться еще и бассейном, которым гости могут наслаждаться в летние месяцы.

At the west of the hotel, carpeted with golden sand and shaded sunbeds, lies the first of Lucy’s two private beaches. Take a dip or simply gaze onto the emerald waters that lie before you and revel in the exclusive service provided right by the shore.    

A few footsteps east of the hotel you will find a secluded sandy cove with a few shaded sunbeds and exclusive service, a small haven just moments away.   

On the cusp of the hotel lies a third pebble-covered beach where you can take a stroll, collect shells and gaze at the view of Thasos Island.

Our private beaches are open from the 1st of June until the 30th of September.

By the shore, amidst the plane trees and the oleanders you will find our hotel’s pool, an oasis for lounging and splashing about in the hot summer days. While lounging and splashing are all well and good, bathers can also benefit from the pool’s impressive size to do laps, of course under the watchful eye of our professional life-guards. With the O.D.Sea pool bar right next to you, you can sip on a refreshing beverage or grab some lunch. Old-time classics like a burger or a club-sandwich with a side of crispy French fries are the best you will find in the city.

Our pool is open from 10th of May until the 30th of September.